with Sifu/ Guro/ Coach Billy Brown
P.M.A.T.S and Adaptive Combatives  Curriculums
  • Private one-on-one training or small group

  • This offer is for up to 1 to 4 people only. (Single/ Package Deals)

  • This is not a classroom group session.

  • Intensives held at the PMATS HQ Training Center or your home.

  • These rates are only for intensives.

  • Seminar/ camp rates are not the same as intensives.                            

Please contact Mrs. Brittney Brown if you are interested in booking a seminar, camp or an intensive private

training session/ package. 

Topics That Can Be Worked On

P.M.A.T.S. Curriculums

* Jeet Kune Do Training Methods

* Maglahok Kali - Silat

* Mixed Striking / Hybrid KickBoxing

* Submission Wrestling

(CACC, Judo, J-JuJitsu, Shooto, Dumog)

* Innovative Boxing Concepts

* Innovative TKD Sparring Skillsets

Adaptive Combatives

* Fight Stoppers UNHINGED

* Tar Tactics (Anti Grappling)

* Dirty Boxing

* Metal 2 Meat (Edged Weapons)

* T.A.S.K. Master 

(Tactical Attributes &  Shooting Kinetics)

* The Mental Game

    (Fight Psychology)

P.M.A.T.S. Curriculums
Adaptive Combatives
- Jeet Kune Do Training Methods
- Maglahok KALI - Silat
- Mixed Striking - Hybrid Muay Thai
- Submission Wrestling
- Judo, CACC (Catch), Shooto, Japaneese JuJitsu, Dumog
- Innovate Western Boxing Concepts
- Innovative TKD Sparring/KickBoxing Concepts
* DefendUSA - Adaptive Combatives Curriculums

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